Buddha’s Birthday Vegetarian Feast

Buddha’s Birthday Vegetarian Feast

When: Tuesday 22nd May at 6:30pm
What: 7 herbalicious dishes with optional matching wines
How Much: $68 per person (food only); $98 per person (food + matching vegan wines)
Reservations: Purchase your tickets online here

A birthday celebration of a different kind to honour this endearing and much-adored enlightened being. Feast on a sumptuous vegetarian banquet, with an array of herbalicious dishes packed full of that Red Spice goodness! We’ve even sourced vegan wines for your guilt-free dining pleasure.

So gather your mates, even if they’re more meat-inclined, because this dinner is for one and all, regardless of the way you sway with your eating preferences!


Miso-butter pumpkin, red ginger, soy bean, hijiki, nori cracker
Zucchini, cauliflower & sweet potato pakora, mint yoghurt, tamarind chutney
NV Dal Zotto ‘Pucino’ Prosecco, King Valley, Victoria
Buddha’s bang bang noodle salad: spicy yellow noodle, carrot, white radish, choy, sesame, green onion salad
Tempura fried stuffed green onion omelette w/ red peppers, tempeh, herbs, sesame mayo
2016 Holly’s Garden Pinot Gris, Whitlands, Victoria
Baby corn, long bean, sweet potato, water spinach in a yellow bean & ginger sauce
Chickpea tofu, turmeric cauliflower, spicy tomato relish, curry leaf
2017 Montevecchio ‘Rosso’ Italian-variety blend, Heathcote, Victoria
Vegan chocolate snowball, mango, coconut jelly
Tamborine Mountain Distillery Wattle Toffee Liqueur, Mount Tamborine, Queensland

*The above menu can be made completely vegan upon request

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